South Bay Chinese Orchestra, Pi-pa Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble

The Chinese Orchestra of North America(COONA), is a newly formed, nonprofit public benefit corporation. Its bylaws state that its mission is "to create, promote, perform, study and teach the fine arts and musical tradition of China, its musical and artistic heritage and musical instruments."

At present, COONA encompasses the South Bay Chinese Orchestra, Pi-pa Ensemble and the Guzheng Ensemble. These three musical groups are comprised of seasoned performers and many multi-talented young people and they have, for many years, joined together to give annual concerts and have also performed in many community events, as individual groups.

Under COONA, many exciting programs will be put into motion. COONA will be initiating the first Bay Area Chinese musical instrument competition. With the help of grants and donations, rehearsal spaces can be rented, plans for guest conductors and guest artists can be implemented, orchestra equipment, concert uniforms can be obtained, music library, scholarships, free lessons and music camps can be established for orchestra and ensemble members.

So for the first time, the three musical groups and their guests will be proudly performing under the umbrella of the newly formed COONA and they thank each and everyone for all your support throughout the years. Without your support, COONA would not have this day. With heartfelt thanks, From all of us!